RAF Lakenheath, Suffolk, 5th February 2020

2nd March 2020
Written by: Rob Slusar

Having carried over a number of spare days holiday from last year I decided to take one and go to Lakenheath.

RAF Lakenheath

I gave a bit of history about RAF Lakenheath last time I went, so I will direct you history buffs to this link.

It was a cold crisp day which started with having to deice the car before I could go anywhere. Having left later than I intended, I arrived at the field after the morning flight had left so I had to wait around for the planes to return.

I used the time to do 2 new things. Firstly I was trying out my new radio receiver (yes, I have gone full geek) and to start filming my first vlog (which I will link to later). I drank lots of tea from the van and got my camera complete with new battery grip ready to go.

The Photos

I didn’t come into the day looking to get any great groundbreaking shots. It was more about getting a break from work and playing with the camera.

The weather was good throughout, altho the winter sun was low over the take-off route so the take-off shots were not coming out well (lack of practice as much as anything). I got some nice shots from the day which made the journey even more worth it. Here they are.

Final Thoughts

It’s always nice to get out to an airbase to take aviation shots. For starters, you will normally get some sort of flying throughout the day, and secondly, you get to meet other like-minded people who you can talk to in a more geeky way than you could an average airshow visitor.

Now, I mentioned that I was trying to record a vlog. This basically came around as a bit of a joke on Instagram, but when a number of people agreed that I should do one, I had to do one. I’m not going to lie, it was really hard to do both a video and photograph at the same time. Videoing good content whilst not being able to photography it is galling for a photographer. I also had to decide what to say to screen, which as a newbie I made up on the fly.

I had good fun putting it together, and to my surprise, I had enough content for a video which is now on youtube. Check it out here!

A rewarding first aviation trip of the year. Let me know what you think of the video. As always, thanks for looking!