Battle of Britain Airshow, IWM Duxford, 22nd September 2019

3rd December 2019
Written by: Rob Slusar

I awoke the following morning to see the skies looking a bit grey and dull. Whilst walking the dog I did consider not going. As it was likely to be my last show of the year I decided to load up and go. With there being a forecast for rain I decided against taking the convertible.

The Show

The show very much followed the format of Saturday.

I got there early, got my cup of tea and had a wander of the showground before settling in for the show.

The show followed largely the same format with everything going smoothly whilst the skies were largely calm. About halfway through the show that changed.

As promised the rain set in. There were showers and then a more extended period of rain which set in. Whilst I was prepared and was layered head to toe in waterproofs, the flying was affected.

The Mustang 4 ship was reduced to 3, and then down to 2 once they got in the air. The Furies were pushed back to wait for a storm front to move through and the vintage jets didn’t go up due to the runway being too wet to land on. Still, the flying didn’t “end” and it is a credit to the pilots that it carried on.

The Photos

For some reason, I decided to set my camera to Shutter Priority rather than manual just to see if I spotted a difference. I did.

I felt like I lost an element of control and probably was asking too much the camera to keep up with the ever-changing weather. Regardless, I got some really nice shots I think.

Here they are.

Final Thoughts

As it would turn out this would be my last show of the season. I did flirt with the idea of going to the last Old Warden show, but again weather stopped me pulling the trigger.

You will have seen from my shows this year that we had a mix of good days and bad days, arguably more bad than good. Even other members of the Aviation Photography fraternity agree this has been a lass than vintage year for it.

So this was my last show of 2019 and now I will move on to my winter activities which largely won’t include aircraft (ok maybe a little bit).

I hope you have enjoyed my airshow endeavours this season. I feel like I have earnt a massive amount about the art this year, and although the weather has frustrated me, I can’t wait to do it all again next year.

Thanks for looking.