Battle of Britain Airshow, IWM Duxford, 21st September 2019

22nd November 2019
Written by: Rob Slusar

After a relaxing 2 weeks in Budapest and Turkey, it was time to return to normality. Luckily, it wasn’t long before I was able to get back out with the camera again for some aviation action.

The Battle of Britain airshow at Duxford is one of my favourite shows of the year and this one was no different. Set usually within a week of the 15th September (Battle of Britain Day), it is designed to pay tribute to the hardest and longest aerial battle of 1940. The skies once again fill with warbirds and the brave men of the RAF are celebrated.

The Show

This show as you will find out turned out to be a show of two halves (as have many this year). Saturday was glorious. It was warm, sunny and a perfect day to take a trip to Duxford in our MG with the top down.

Getting there early, as usual, I took a walk of the crowd line before the masses showed up. This was another show where they had re-enactors on hand to enhance the experience. I find this a nice little addition to the shows, altho sometimes they can seem a bit disorganised earlier in the day, but if you get there at the right time they really add to the images.

It was, as usual, a stunning display of flying.

Alongside the normal Spitfire centrepieces, there were some well thought out formation flights, including those displaying planes with Bristol Mercury engines, and the Furious formation showing off Hawker Fury’s and Sea Furies.

There were the regular displays from the likes of Sally B, The BBMF, The Catalina and the ever enjoyable Great War Display Team. We also got to see some first-generation jets in the form of a MiG 15 and CT-133 Silver Star.

The Photos

It was another typical sunny day at Duxford with the sun in front backlighting the planes. It was as usual a challenge, but I feel more like I have got used to this now and my images are a lot better as a result.

So here is a batch of my favourites from the day. I hope you enjoy.

Final Thoughts

It was another great day at Duxford. It was quite possibly one of my favourite show days there and it was thoroughly enjoyable.

I know I have complained about the sun in regards to photos and I shouldn’t really. It was a stunning late summer day in a year where airshow weather has been pretty poor in places (and would continue to be).

Hopefully, you liked the images. Keep a lookout for Day 2, and as always, thanks for looking.