Flying Legends, IWM Duxford, 14th July 2019

5th August 2019
Written by: Rob Slusar

After visiting Flying Legends on Saturday, I headed out for a boozy meal with the family. Somehow I got up early and was able to head to the Duxford as the gates opened.

The Show

It was another one of those days with changeable weather. It wasn’t raining, but it was cloudy whilst being generally warm.

Getting there early, I was able to walk the flight line before the crowds descended as they had the day before. This allowed me to get some more posed shots with the reenactors.

The actual flying display was largely the same as the day before, only this time The Red Arrows were not attending, and it was possible to get the DH 9 into the air for its maiden air display since it’s restoration.

The Photos

It seemed cloudier on the second day, but in a good way. There were some very pronounced cloud formations which added some real drama to the sky. It did mean, however, that the light was changing quite regularly so it was making it challenging. I managed to get some very rewarding shots, perhaps even better than the day before using the clouds as best I could.

Here they are. I hope you enjoy them.

Final Thoughts

As I noted in my previous report this was my first trip to Flying Legends.

As usual, some people have been critical of it (which is getting annoying at this point), but for me, it was warbird heaven.

There was much much more going on than what was going on at the May show, and it was a really enjoyable showground. Special mention has to go the reenactors who added an extra authenticity to it which other airshows don’t have.

I came off the back of it tired, but ready for the Royal International Air Tattoo in 5 days time. Check back here if you want to see that!