Flying Legends, IWM Duxford, 13th July 2019

1st August 2019
Written by: Rob Slusar

The second stop on my 3-week airshow jaunt was Flying Legends at Duxford.

Flying Legends

Flying Legends is an airshow based at Duxford and put on by the Fighter Collection. Every year it manages to pull in some of the best warbird displays in Europe, if not the world. Despite having been to Duxford many times, this was my first visit to Flying Legends.

The Show

Despite the changeable weather all weekend, the show was a jam-packed day of warbirds.

Saturday opened with an early appearance by The Red Arrows on one of their last appearances before heading off on the tour of the USA (RIAT being the last). The cloud base was low and it was damp, so we only got a flat display. Despite this, the display was performed with the gusto you would expect from the reds.

The show proper opened with a mass scramble of 12 Spitfires before these gave way to 5 Hispano Buchons (used in the Battle of Britain movie), one of which was only recently returned to flight. Further warbird representation followed in the form of Duxford regular Sally B and an accompaniment of Mustangs.

Throughout the day, we got a small return of the C-47s from Daks Over Duxford. Always a pleasure to see. The first was the Swissair C-47 of the Classic Formation, performing with 3 Beech 18s.

What followed next was a series of formations including Curtiss fighters, a Battle of Britain formation and a number of planes representing the Navy. The final 3 C-47s then went into a 3 ship formation (one would return later for a solo display).

The show ended with a mass flypast from almost all of the fighters that had been involved during the day, whilst the Grumman Bearcat and Hawker Sea Fury did aerobatics between passes.

The Photos

Whilst not raining, for the most part, it was cloudy for the most part. This had the benefit of giving some nice contrast in the background of the shots, however, it did mean moving dark areas to light so getting the exposure correct was a real challenge for the whole day.

I felt like my aim was off for the first day of it (maybe I’m just being hard on myself) so I didn’t keep as many pictures as I thought I was going to. The good thing about the day was that as part of the show, people are hired as reenactors to give a vintage feel and they made for some great photos.

These are the shots from Saturday. I hope you enjoy them.

Final Thoughts

I arrived later than normal and wasn’t able to really take in the flight line (it was heaving when I got there) so I saved that for Sunday. After the closure of the show, I had to rush off for a birthday meal with the family so I didn’t get to wander the showground after the spitfires landed. Despite the weather, I thoroughly enjoyed it

Keep following to see day 2 soon.