Duxford Air Festival, IWM Duxford, 25th May 2019

24th June 2019
Written by: Rob Slusar

Saturday rolled around, my first official show day of the season. I loaded up the car with my gear and set off.

The Show

As you will see from the photos, this weekend was very much a weekend of two halves in regarding the weather. Saturday, however, was glorious.

Getting there early, which has become one of my routines, I was able to wander around the site and get a look at what was happening.

Oddly, it didn’t feel like a busy show. The hangars were not filled with performers or reenactors which is often the case and the flight line was a bit bland (compared to previous air shows).

A number of people on various forums were unimpressed by the lineup at the show and I won’t lie, it wasn’t the strongest. Regardless, I love air shows so was determined to enjoy it. I found my space and settled in.

The RAF Typhoon FGR4 opened the show with a powerful display making the most of the cloudless sky. This was followed by further RAF representation from the Chinook and Grob Tutor displays before moving onto classic trainers the Jet Provost and T6 Havard.

Further classic jet action followed with a BAC Strikemaster pair giving us a close display. We were then treated to a historical army aircraft section before being brought up to date with the explosive Apache display.

We then went through a section which contained the Blades display team and warbirds such as the Catalina, B-17 Sally B, TF-51D Mustang and P-47 Thunderbolt.

After a more sedate period with wing walkers and a Miles trio, the Breitling Jet Team (the only privately operated jet display team in the world) gave us one last blast of jet power before the show was brought to a close by Duxford’s very own Spitfire Mk1A.

The Photos

It was great to be out taking photos in the sunshine again, even if the angle of the crowd line does bring its own problems.

It was one of the days where the sky was largely clear but there was some scattered cloud giving a bit of interest. This allowed us to get unrestricted displays from the teams.

I wasn’t expecting much from my first show day, but I have got a big batch of photos which I love.

Here are the ones I kept.

Final Thoughts

As is often the case, it was a long day. A long but enjoyable day.

It was nice to actually see some sun, I even got some sunburn!

After fighting my way through the traffic, I headed home for a cold drink and prepare for the next day.