Ljubljana Zoo, Ljubljana, 5th June 2018

June 27, 2018
Written by: Rob Slusar

Our time in Ljubljana was coming to an end. With a few hours to kill before our flight, we headed to the Zoo.

Ljubljana Zoo

On the outskirts of the city of Ljubljana, the Zoo covers some 48 acres and is considered the national zoo of Slovenia.

Opening in 1949, the zoo has seen renovations several times in it’s life. The most recent of these was completed in 2016.

Located within a forest, he zoo is notable in that the city is at the intersection of the Alpine, Pannonian, Mediterranean, and Dinaric habitats.

It is believed that the zoo is home to around 500 animals from about 120 different species.

The Visit

It was a warm day, and with storms due later on we decided to head out as soon as we checked out of our Air B&B.

I have been to many zoos, but the presentation of this one lifts it into my “top zoos” list. As you walk around you think you are getting towards the end, only to be pulled somewhere different.

With a vast number of animals there, we spent several hours wandering and enjoying the weather. Sadly, with the storms rolling in we had to cut it short. Luckily we got in the car before the rain and hail slammed us.


I often find photography in zoos to be hit and miss. Some days the animals will be hiding, others you have cages that block you. This day had that, but luckily some of the celebrity animals did come out.

In the blazing sun, the light areas were very light, and the shady areas dark, so getting the exposure right was a challenge. That said, I am happy with the bunch of the shots I got.

Here they are.

Living around rivers, I see Herons quite regularly. This is yet another zoo where I have seen one. I think they follow me.

White Stork.

A group of Pelicans sitting in the shade.

A juvenile Fallow Deer.

Patagonian Mara.

2 Maras sitting in the shade.

A Llama and Maras in the same enclosure. This was a hard picture to capture. it was bright in the back ground, but the subjects were in shadow. It’s not my favourite, but the 2 species happily living together seemed cool.

Red Deer stag.

A lazy Red Panda. I have always struggled to get good pictures of these as they always seem to be asleep in the trees.

This time however, I got lucky.

Siberian Tiger. This is probably one of my best pictures of Tigers.

I was impressed at the size of the enclosure. It looked like it had several areas that they could wander around, each with different terrain or toys. The could all be linked together, as there were on this day to allow them to roam as they please.

Asian Elephant having a drink. A camel achieves a photo bomb.

Whenever I go to zoos with Elephants, they always stay inside. This seemed to be the case on this day, but to my joy he/she decided to come out and play.

I was able to see how they use their trunk to drink, feed and how they use it as a tool.

The Elephant decided to interact and “wave” at kids. Whilst I couldn’t confirm it, I did wonder if it had been freed from a circus at some point.

It also enjoyed throwing sand around. I was so happy to see an Elephant seemingly happy in its surroundings.

The brown bear was for the most part, sleeping.

It did wake up and have a wander, but eventually went back to sleep again.

This Wolf was patrolling it’s enclosure.

It’s amazing how similar they are to Dogs.

The Mountain Goats were fun. A lot of them were attention seekers, including this one who kept making faces and eyes at me.

A mother and her kids climbing the enclosure hills.


I do like Zebras. They are like horses in prison outfits.

Griaffes were one of the animals that decided to be annoying. When I wanted to see them, they went in. When I left, they came out. In the end I had to compromise and take a long range shot.

It was so warm, the Sea Lions decided to stay mostly under water.

The Squirrel Monkeys had a nice enclosure with their own island. The island was also home to ducks. The Monkeys enjoyed chasing them.

A Squirrel Monkey on the lookout.

You can see from this photo just how important a Monkey’s tail into their ability to climb trees.

Obligatory Meerkat picture. As the storm rolled in they got more active. This chap was turning his head and looking around whenever there was a rumble of thunder.

Ljubljana Zoo is a fantastic zoo. It’s really obvious that they love and care for their animals. The animals look happy as a result.

For a zoo of it’s size it was very cheap at 8 Euros each, but it is clean and a fantastic place to visit.

Due to the time of year, some areas we fenced off, so I would definitely like to go again, and will if we go back to Ljubljana.

That is all from my trip to Slovenia. Hopefully it has peaked your interest in the area. I would certainly recommend it if you are looking for something different to a standard beach holiday.

So, until next time. Thanks for looking.


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