Ljubljana, Slovenia, 3rd-5th June 2018

20th June 2018
Written by: Rob Slusar

After our visit to Lake Bled, we headed to our next stop in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.


Ljubljana is a beautiful city which has a vast history dating back to Roman times.

Centred around the river¬†Ljubljanica, the city is home to several bridges as well as some stunning architecture from all ages of the city’s life.

We spent a couple of nights and days wandering around and enjoying the sights, including the castle and taking a boat cruise through the city.


As this was a chilled out visit to the city, most of my pictures are quite touristy. Hopefully, though, they will give you something to look at and maybe help you decide to holiday in this beautiful city.

Ljubljana Cathedral.

Cathedral tower.

A lot of the pathways and alleyways still carry some of the unique elements from their history.

Cobblers Bridge, one of a number along the river.


Love Locks on Butcher’s Bridge. The bridge is set up deliberately to allow romantic couples to declare their love for each other.

Love Locks on Butcher’s Bridge.

Love Locks on Butcher’s Bridge.

Cathedral Square from the tower at Ljubljana Castle.

Ljubljana Cathedral from the river with Triple Bridge visible to the right.

Inside the Cathedral. We managed to walk in during a church service, but when it ended I was able to capture some pictures of this magnificent building.

A Dragon statue on Dragon Bridge.

Ljubljana has long been associated with Dragons, and this bridge was built in the early 1900’s to reflect that.

Looking along the river towards the Cathedral.

Ljubljana by night.

Final Thoughts

Ljubljana, as with all of Slovenia is a great place to visit. the locals are really friendly, and the eateries and bars serve great food with great service.

If you haven’t already been to this part of the world, this is an ideal location to get you outside of your comfort zone.

Thanks for looking.