Truckfest, Peterborough Showground, 7th May 2018

May 10, 2018
Written by: Rob Slusar

Finally the summer looks to be coming through, so with a bank holiday falling at just the right time, we decided to make the most of it.

After spending a day at the beach, and an afternoon BBQing (and drinking) with friends, we decided to use the Monday off to go back to Truckfest.

Having not been to Truckfest for a couple of years, it was the first time that I got to use my D7200 there. I also decided I would use my wide angle there as well for static displays to test the viability for air shows later this year.

As usual there was lots going on. A bigger static area than I had seen before, motorbike stunts, a VW with a jet engine, and of course monster trucks made up the live action.

I ended up taking a fair amount of pictures and bizarrely kept a lot more than I was planning to. So site back with a drink and enjoy the highlights.


I’ve decided on this occasion to seperate out some of the different phases of our visit, as somethings we doubled up on, so thought it would be easier to view. Let me know if it works.

Static Vehicles

Apart from the big American trucks, my favourite trucks are the vintage trucks. It’s interesting to see how far trucks have come when they stand next to their younger siblings.

I also like the weird and wonderful trucks, like this one with Guardians of the Galaxy art work.

Big Rig recovery vehicle. I have in the past taken pictures of the older one parked next to it, but this new one is equally as impressive.

American truck styling is always amongst my favourite. Ever since I saw the “Pork Chop Express” in Big Trouble in Little China, I have been hooked on the long fronts and stainless steel.

Even the vintage ones have a certain appeal.

Trucks, art and bikes… what’s not to like?

Imagine driving one of these around the UK. Even low bridges wouldn’t stop it.

Some of the truck art is beyond impressive. This truck was done on both sides. Sadly, the other side had too many reflections and the picture didn’t do it justice.

Stunt Show

Matt Coulter, AKA the Kangaroo Kid was a special guest of one of the James Dylan Stuntworld teams this weekend.

Known in Australia and around the World for his daring stunts on a quad bike, the Kangaroo Kid has worked on a number of Hollywood movies. These include the upcoming Mission Impossible movie. Here he jumps the monster truck Swamp Thing.

Another of the stunt team members.

Mid-air crossover.

Kanga pulling wheelies with the ladies. The first attempt at this was shut down by Health & Safety.

More wheelies in a modified quad.

This quad allows him to do complete rolls forward or backwards.

Lining up his next move. He’s no stranger to the odd epic crash in his 30 years as a stunt rider.

As if a monster truck wasn’t enough, he decided to double down and jump two ambulances. Given his history, it was good that the were on hand.

Oklahoma Willy

As I mentioned earlier, I like the weird and wonderful exhibits. For this gentleman, owning a jet engine was not enough, so he purchased a split green VW pick up to bolt it to.

A VW with a jet engine in it performs exactly as you would expect it to. Lots of noise, smoke…..

….. And fire….

It goes without saying, this little beast was loud. According to the owner, each burn of 30 seconds or so can run up to 5000 horse power, and burn £140 worth of fuel.

Monster Trucks

No Truckfest would be complete without monster trucks. This year the roster was regulars Slingshot and Swamp Thing. With Swamp Thing failing to start, it seemed as though Slingshot had the field to himself.

With that in mind. He set about crushing cars.

And catching air time.

However, much to everyone’s surprise, Swamp Thing entered the arena and went about some crushing of his own.

Chewing through the cars with intent.

Catching some epic air time also.

Sadly after landing too hard and knocking out his rear steering, he had to call it a day and retire to fix up his truck for the later show.

This left Slingshot to pulverise the cars some more.

Triumphantly claiming the win.


So that’s it for this year’s Truckfest.

I’ll admit, I wasn’t as blown away as previously. Whilst it felt bigger, there appeared to be more commercial trucking and less show trucks or vintage trucks. Not that it is an issue, but we may make this a bi-annual event rather than an annual one.

Hope you enjoyed it, and as always, thanks for looking.


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