Parque La Bateria, Costa Del Sol, 21st April 2018

May 3, 2018
Written by: Rob Slusar

It feels like it has been ages since I last put something on here. Truth is, it has been. The weather in the UK has been poor, as a result, I haven’t been out with the camera since February. To escape it, the wife and I went to Spain for a week.

We went around Malaga and surrounding coastal towns, but as the plan was to chill out I didn’t feel like being a slave to the camera all week.

Finally, on the last day, I decided to be a bit more camera focused, so we took one train stop to the local park, Parque La Bateria.


Whilst the park is now a wonderful green area which serves as a meeting place for a lot of locals, this was not always the case.

Due to it’s elevated location, it was prime position for looking out to sea. Subsequently it was militarised as a lookout point for pirates. By the time of the Spanish Civil War, it was a fully fortified gun battery.

I don’t have much information on the site during the war period. Whilst the guardhouses and structure is long gone, it appears there were as many as 4 gun positions. 2 guns would be served by an underground magazine with trenches linking them.

After WWII, the site remained fortified until it was abandoned some time in the 1950’s.


This trip wasn’t specifically a photography outing. Having never been here before, we thought it was a nice place to visit. The sun was out, but given the time of year it wasn’t overly busy. That said, there were a number of families enjoying the park and it’s boating lake.

I played around with different settings, mainly because we don’t get much sun in England. When it came to editing, I decided to be a bit creative to try and capture the history of the place.



If you are visiting Spain in the future and are looking for a few hours in the sun, then this is the place to go. Just a simple train stop up from Torremolinos, its an easy and quiet place to kill a few hours.

Hopefully now the weather is improving you will see more of me. I have a new lens now in preparation for my run of air shows in the summer, so keep your eyes peeled.

As usual. Thanks for looking.


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