Duxford Air Festival, IWM Duxford, 27th May 2018

May 30, 2018
Written by: Rob Slusar

With the weather once again looking up, I headed back for a second day at Duxford Air Festival. This time however I was joined my Dad and my Brother.

The Show – Day 2

As my family are not big into planes like I am, this was a day out for them, so it was a much more relaxed day in the sunshine.

Much like the day before, it started off a little gloomy, but the sun broke through and we had a glorious day of blue skies.

The lineup was more or less the same as before, with one exception. The Patrouille de France. PAF are effectively they French Air Force’s equivalent of our Red Arrows. I had never seen them before this point so was keen to see them. They didn’t disappoint.

The Pictures

Like the day before, the sun position and haze was a challenge. This is a common issue faced by photographers, but something we have to overcome.

What amused me about this trip was my Brother and Dad both bought their cameras, and it was an example of my upgrades over the years. My Dad had a bridge camera, as I had. My Brother had an old DSLR with my old 70-300. Then there was me with my aviation set up.

There is quite a batch for Day 2. Here they are.


That’s it from Duxford this time. I will go back for their Battle of Britain show in September as it has a big RAF100 influence.

Hopefully that will keep you going for a while. I’m heading off to Slovenia for a few days, so hoping to get some pictures of the country while I’m there.

As always. Thanks for looking.


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