Duxford Air Festival, IWM Duxford, 26th May 2018

May 30, 2018
Written by: Rob Slusar

Summer is here (more or less) and that means Duxford opens my air show season.

This particular visit is my first to the museums May show, probably my first of 3 or 4 around the country this year.

The Show – Day 1

In the run up to the show, there was a lot of criticism from regulars about the quality of the lineup that was presented. Whilst this show wasn’t loaded with War Birds, or very much from the RAF participation, there were a number of acts which many hadn’t seen before.

The day started off quite dreary, and as it heated up, became quite hazy.

Whilst it was quite acrobat heavy, displays from the Austrian Schlepp, and the immensely loud French Dassault Rafale C really stood out.

The Pictures

After a lot of thinking and justifying, for this air show season, I invested in a new Tamron 150-600. This show was my real chance to test it out.

I have spent a lot of time since the last air show season studying other photographers and trying to learn my camera to improve my images, which last year I felt were a bit amateur. This year, I think I have started to find my groove with it.

This is my batch from day 1.


So that is my batch from Day 1. I went back the following day for Day 2.

Stay tuned. Thanks for looking.


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