Raptor Foundation, Cambridgeshire, 28th January 2018

February 3, 2018
Written by: Rob Slusar

It’s still winter, and the weather is still miserable. Cold I can deal with, but what I don’t like is rain. It seems to be raining constantly at the moment, so any break in the weather draws me out. I decided on a crisp cold but dry day that I would head to the local bird of prey sanctuary which is 5 or 10 minutes from my house.


Being so local, The Raptor Foundation is a place I go to at least once a year. It would be rude not to. Consequently, not a lot changes from visit to visit so I have photographed a lot of the birds many times before. Sadly, as with last year, due to avian flu, there was no outside flying display.

If i’m honest, I didn’t go for the photography. I went for a day out. I just happened to have my camera with me so I thought I would play around.

None of these shots are ground breaking, but I was happy enough with some of them to share them with you. Hope you like them.


Common Buzzard.

Eagle Owl.

Ferruginous Hawk.

Part of the challenge of the sanctuary is getting good images through the wire fencing which can be quite narrow on some of the enclosures, so I have been trying to master how to remove them as much as possible. You can still see them in this picture of a Bald Eagle, but I have managed to eliminate them from some of the others.

Snowy Owl.

This Little Owl didn’t want to be photographed and run into his box when i came too near. He wouldn’t hide though. He would stalk me from it and I managed to capture this one of him giving me the eye.

I was, however, able to trick him into coming out for a picture by pretending I wasn’t interested anymore.

Short Eared Owls.

Another Little Owl.

A sleepy Tawny Owl.

I have stated on previous visits that Brahminy Kites have the saddest looking face and call that I have heard in the bird kingdom. This time however, I was able to capture one looking slightly happier.


Hopefully the weather will improve in the coming weeks and I can get out more, but this trip was a nice one. It’s nice to have a place like this so local that you can just take a wander around.

I was gutted that there was no outdoor flying, but it was understandable given the circumstances. With any luck, next time I go I will be able to get some nice flight pictures.

Until next time. Thanks for looking.


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