Warton Old Rectory, Lancashire, 27th August 2017

September 18, 2017
Written by: Rob Slusar

After a failed visit to the Ingleton Waterfalls walk, we headed out back towards the lakes. Using my English Heritage app, we decided to head towards Warton Old Rectory.

After using 3 sat-nav apps and ending up in 3 different places, we eventually found it.

Hidden behind a number of houses, Warton rectory dates back to the 14th century and was constructed as the official residence of the rector of St Oswald’s Church. It is believed to have become abandoned somewhere around 1721.

There isn’t a lot to see there, and not a great deal of information, the sky was grey and dull so I had to make the best of what was there. As I new there wasn’t a lot to see, I decided to do it all on my wide angle.

Walk up and entrance to the rectory.

Arched doorways to the staff and store areas.

Looking from the garden, the foundations to the front may have been an external kitchen.

Looking back through the doors.

Looking through windows through to the garden beyond. There was originally an upper level, bet this has long since gone.

Although the building is in relatively good condition, ferns ans moss are growing from the stonework.

Upstairs fireplace, and signs where windows have been changed and altered over the years.

Main hall.

Possible store room.

Wide angle of the hall and archways.

I’ll be honest, there wasn’t a lot to see here, and that combined with the poor weather, I felt a little let down.

After spending about 20 minutes here, we moved on.

Thanks for looking.


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