Horsey Wind Pump, Norfolk, 19th June 2017

July 6, 2017
Written by: Rob Slusar

When one of the hottest days of the year comes around, what do you do? head out on a boat trip of course.

We initially planned to visit Horsey Wind Pump, but due to it being closed for renovation, we jumped on to the local boat tour company for a wildlife tour around the Norfolk Broads.

There was much to be seen around the place, including many types of Dragonfly, Marsh Harriers, Terns and Bearded Tits (which I am told many people travel out there to see especially).

I had my 70-300mm lens equipped and was able to get some half decent shots, however due to the boat and the animals being in the vegetation to the side of the water it wasn’t always possible to get the animals in view, so some of my shots are cropped in. Despite that, I am happy with some of them so thought it was worth sharing.

Horsey Wind Pump. The site also allows for private mooring for pleasure boats in the area.

A Goldfinch who decided to sit there for ages so I could get a bunch of photos of him.

An arty shot of the boat tie rope.

A Sandwich Tern. Apparently this guy showed up and isn’t a regular visitor the area, but seemed quite happy just chilling out.

Bearded Tit. Whilst I managed to get a lot of pictures of them, they were right at the limit of my lens, so I have had to crop in order to get them. Hopefully they don’t look too bad.

More Bearded Tits.

There were lots fluttering around in the reeds.

They were quick, very challenging to get good shots of them.

I must admit, they are very pretty birds, so I can see why they are a favourite of bird watchers.

As well as being a great home for Bearded Tits, the reeds from the Norfolk Broads are the best reeds to be used for roof thatching.

I think this may have been a female, as it didn’t quite have the same markings as the others.

All just hanging out.

River boat and the wind pump in the background.

Summer house attached to the local estate. This had been recently re-thatched and raised a few inches to preserve it as it was rotting from the bottom up.

A quiet day out on the Broads with a knowledgeable tour guide. There was much to see out on the water, and much to learn about the broads and overall a wonderful experience. We even got to see a Kingfisher as we startled him going past. Would definitely do this again.








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