RIAT 2017, RAF Fairford, 16th July 2017

July 20, 2017
Written by: Rob Slusar

So after battling the traffic on Saturday, we headed back to our Air BnB, where we ended up drinking wine and watching films with our wonderful hosts, we settled down to prepare for the following day.

Feeling a little fuzzy, we suited up (literally, it was part of the rules for the chalet we were to be in) and headed back to RIAT, and although not sunny, the weather had improved since the day before.

We started off the day wandering and looking at some of the exhibits that we had missed because of the rain the day before, and ended up back in our chalet, perfectly located at the front of the crowd line to settle in for the air displays on the day.

It was great, free drinks, free food, and right at the front. We had to break from the show for food, but I rushed back out as soon as I heard the unmistakable sound of 4 Merlin engines taxing down to the runway.

The benefit of being there for a second day meant I had worked my camera out, as a result, I was able to get more good shots, so hopefully you can enjoy this.


Well that’s your lot. It was a great, rewarding, but tiring weekend. in total, we spent about 4 hours in traffic, 20 hours at the show, watching 16 hours of air display. At the end of the sunday, we spent 2 hours trying to get out of the car park, but you know what, I would do it again in a heartbeat.

I learnt a lot this weekend. I learnt all about shutter speed, how to shoot aircraft, and how to adjust my camera quickly as needed. A full on weekend, but one I would love to repeat.

Thanks for looking.

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