RSPB Ouse Fen, Cambridgeshire, 31st May 2017

June 2, 2017
Written by: Rob Slusar

I decided to take a few days off work this week due to some intense renovations going on in my company’s office, I needed some peace and quiet.

I spent much of the few days relaxing, enjoying some time to myself, but on the 31st, I decided to head out in the glorious sunshine to the local RSPB reserve for a wander. I didn’t expect much to be honest given the heat, but I was hoping to have a crack at the dragonflies that are around at the moment (they claim to have 21 species, I think I caught 5).

Despite taking the wrong trail at first, and not seeing much for a while, the day turned to be a decent outing, with some great dragonfly shots, and some lucky shots of a Tern in flight and a wild Fox which you don’t often see during the day.

Here are the images.

An interesting day and somewhere I will likely go again because I did see some birds of prey there, I was just in the wrong place to take advantage.

As always, thanks for looking.


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