Houghton Meadows, Cambridgeshire, 3rd June 2017

June 9, 2017
Written by: Rob Slusar

With the nice sunshine we have had recently, I have felt the need to get out in the sun with the camera as much as possible.

Houghton Mill is a historic working mill operated by the National Trust, and being just down the road from where we live, its sprawling meadows make a nice wander.

The wife decided that she would come with me on this day  and that we should take the dog for a walk, so off to Houghton meadows we went.

Not my most favourite set of pictures if I am honest, I was distracted a lot by making sure the dog was behaving and trying to avoid other people, but some of the shots are rewarding, so here they are.

A nice stroll in the sun. I do plan to go back and photograph the mill at some point this summer.

For now, as always, thanks for looking.


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