Selwo Marina, Benalmadena, 22nd April 2017

May 8, 2017
Written by: Rob Slusar

When the winds died down and the sun began to show itself again, we jumped on the train and headed back to Benalmadena, this time to visit Selwo Marina.

This is another place we have been to before, but decided to give it a look again, and in honesty, didn’t enjoy it as much as we had previously. Whether it was due to the time of year i’m not sure, but a lot of the elements where you would walk through the animals were closed, and the dolphin shows were less informative than others we have seen. We also found it annoying that the staff were constantly finding any opportunity to take a photo of you to try and make a few bob. I get that they have to fund the park, but literally every show, enclosure they were doing it.

That said, it killed a few hours, and I got some photos.

Dolphin show.

I am aware that people are concerned about sea mammals in captivity, but these Dolphins were born in other parks and not taken from the sea.

Air time.

King Penguins and a Gentoo Penguin joining the party.


Very intense looking lizard.

Macaw at the bird display.

Sea Lion.

More Dolphins.

They may not be free in the wild, but they do have a bond with their trainers who clearly care about them.


One of the trio was younger, and clearly new to the display element. His trainer was very patient, even if he was a bit slow on the uptake.

Gentoo Penguin closeup.

And another.

Thanks for looking.


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