SeaLife, Benalmadena, 21st April 2017

May 7, 2017
Written by: Rob Slusar

For those of you who have followed me for a while, you will be well aware of my love for SeaLife centres, Luckily for me, in the next resort over there is one on the Costa del Sol.

We decided to take a walk along the front, which was an experience in itself. There had been a storm overnight, unusual for the Spanish apparently. This storm had blown sand and debris onto the roads and seaside walks, beachside bars were flooded and everything was just battened down. There were film crews out filming the aftermath. This was amusing to us, as in our terms it was just a bit breezy.

Anyway, when we arrived in Benalmadena port area, we headed to the SeaLife. As we had done at the London version, we did a behind the scenes tour before heading around the main body of the aquarium.

I have a love and hate thing with aquariums, in so much as I love the subject matter, but hate that it is so hard to get a good picture with the poor lighting and dirty glass. That said, I did manage to get some that I liked, some of my nemesis, the Clown Fish. Onto the pictures.

Stingray. I was able to feed their older cousins, sadly there are no photos of this event, but it was pretty cool.


Yellow Tang.

Synchronised Shark swimming.

No aquarium is complete without a rescued Sea Turtle.

Especially if they play hide and seek.

And give you rewarding photo opportunities.

Inquisitive Clown Fish.

Hanging out amongst the Anemone.

Profile shot.


I think I am getting better at the Aquarium shots, but still, it is hard work.

Thanks for looking.



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