Crocodrilos Park, Torremolinos, 20th April 2017

May 7, 2017
Written by: Rob Slusar

One of my favourite places in Torremolinos (where we had based ourselves this time around) is the crocodile park they have their.

As the name implies, it is a park dedicated solely to the preservation and protection of crocodiles (with the odd turtle thrown in for fairness).

Whilst we have been here before, it is a relatively cheap few hours out, so we decided to go back and see the crocodiles and their crazy carers.

Given the subject matter doesn’t change, I didn’t take a lot of pictures, but I have pulled together some which show the scale of the place and the number of animals they have there.

Crocodile, with its mouth open to regulate it’s temperature in the sunshine.

Cooling down in the water.

Stalking in the shallows.

The biggest crocodile in the park nicknamed “Big Daddy”. He is believed to be somewhere between 85 and 95 years old, and has been in the park for a long time now. He used to be another metre longer, but due to a fight over dominance a number of years ago he lost the very end of his tail… he did however, win the fight.

The main crocodile pool. I believe that they are all Nile Crocodiles, and a lot of them have been bred here in the park, mainly from Big Daddy.

Another group. You might wonder how so many are kept together, simply, they don’t move around a lot, and just laze around in the sun. There are some fights occasionally, but as they are well fed, they are few and far between.

Chilling out.

They tend to cuddle up to preserve their body heat.

They have a breeding programme, some are kept, others are sent to other parks. As mentioned previously, Big Daddy and his group of wives are the most regular breeders.

Cruising through the blossom.

The keepers all have worked at the park for a number of years, and strangely are seen as the “Alphas” in terms of the pack. They are able to walk through the crocodiles with only sticks to move them out of the way. They don’t get this close to Big Daddy of course.

Turtle soup.

Thanks for looking.


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