The Animal Wall, Cardiff, 30th December 2014

January 10, 2015
Written by: Rob Slusar

Whilst in Wales, we headed to Cardiff and went around on the open bus tour, before stopping back at the castle where we decided to take a look at the The Animal Wall.

The Animal Wall was designed by William Burgess in 1866 but work didn’t start until 1890. The intention of the Marquess of Bute was to have a zoo in Cardiff Castle, but due to safety concerns it was not allowed, so the wall was commissioned in its place.

Originally, 9 figures sculptured by Thomas Nicholls were installed in 1890, with a further 6 sculptured by Alexander Carrick added in 1931 after the wall was moved 50m.

There was a plan to demolish the wall in the 70’s, but these were dropped and since then the wall has been given grade 1 status.

On to the pictures.

Hyena by Thomas Nicholls, 1890

Wolf by Thomas Nicholls, 1890

Monkeys by Thomas Nicholls, 1890

Seal by Thomas Nicholls, 1890

Bear by Thomas Nicholls, 1890

Lioness by Thomas Nicholls, 1890

Lynx by Thomas Nicholls, 1890

1 of 2 Lions by Thomas Nicholls, 1890

Pelican by Alexander Carrick, 1931

Ant-eater by Alexander Carrick, 1931 (Restored 2011)

Racoons by Alexander Carrick, 1931

Leopard by Alexander Carrick, 1931

Leopard by Alexander Carrick, 1931

Beaver by Alexander Carrick, 1931

Vulture by Alexander Carrick, 1931

Thanks for looking.


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