Santa Ponsa, Majorca September 2014

September 18, 2014
Written by: Rob Slusar

So it has been a while since I posted last, the main reason behind this, I got married, so there was a lot of planning to be done.

We took our Honeymoon the day after, and headed out to Majorca, Santa Ponsa to be precise.

Santa Ponsa is a resport on the south west of the island and derives its name from a Roman villa called Sancta Pontia.

Being the photo mad nut I have become, I took my camera to picture visits, days out and various things I found interesting.

So here is the first batch from Santa Ponsa itself, I will warn you now, I was more interested in relaxing and chilling out, so I did a lot more snapping than planning shots etc, so some of them are not great, but I wanted to share them regardless.

Whilst not far from party capital Magaluf, Santa Ponsa is a much more laid back feel about it.

The sea in the bay is so clear, and in areas shallow. Many people could be seen snorkelling, and if you look in the top left, you will see why.

The sea was warm and clear, and great for a dip.

Many boats were moored here, some long term, others overnight.

Some were smaller pleasure vessels.

Others more elaborate.

There were many birds in the area, some common, some less so. There was a colony of parakeets near the beach. This was the best I could get, the first day there were loads, and then after they started a carnival so they retreated to the trees.

Not sure what these chaps were, but there were lots of them. Very pretty.

The animals came in 2 by 2…

Even birds like to work on their tan.

Balcony visitor.

This gull would sit here for hours.

Late night pool shot

The skies were so clear, great moon shots were possible.

Honeymoon perks.

As I said earlier, we did do some day visits and stuff, so as I upload them, I will share them here.

Thanks for looking.


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