Kimbolton Castle, Kimbolton, 3rd November 2013

February 8, 2014
Written by: Rob Slusar

November was the month that I first made my decision to buy a camera and start taking photography a bit more seriously than just snapshots on a mobile phone, within 24 hours I had the chance to use my new toy.

Kimbolton castle is located in Cambridgshire and dates back to the 1500’s. It is best known for being the home of Catherine Of Aragon until her death in 1536.

The castle was sold to Sir Henry Montagu in the 1600’s and was in the ownership of his descendants until the 1950’s upon which time it was sold to become the school it is today.

The castle has been through many phases of building, and as such has some interesting architecture from Tudor through to Victorian.

So here are a selection of the shots from the day, it was my first go at shooting with the camera, and subsequently my first attempt at editting so go easy on me 🙂

View from gatehouse

Closer view

Side entrance

Original main entrance

Ceiling artwork in the headmasters office (former Queens bedroom)

Chapel within the castle

Courtyard in the centre of the castle

Gatehouse view from the castle

Flag pole

Thanks for looking.


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